System overview
The DLE120 EFI provides drones with increased reliability and power while addressing the shortcomings commonly found in two-stroke engines. The newly designed fuel pump, with self-priming capability, adopts closed-loop pressure control to precisely control the fuel pressure without returning to the fuel tank. The DLE120 EFI incorporates the latest engine technology from LUTAN EFI and DLE Engine. Provide RS232 communication protocol to obtain engine running data in real time.

Engine package includes:
LUTAN self-priming fuel pump
wiring harness
CDI module
Isolation Rack

Power: 12HP/8500rpm
Static thrust: 26.5kg/100m height
Static thrust: 23.8kg/1800m height
Recommended propellers: 26x10; 26x12; 27x10; 28x10;
Displacement: 120cm3
Lubrication ratio: 40:1
Weight (engine with air intake): 2.8kg
Weight (ECU): 110g
Weight (fuel pump): 170g
Voltage: 12V
Power Draw: 1 Amp peak, 1 hour / 1,000mAh
Temperature range: -20° – 50° C