Customer Case

VOLITATION's new QINGLONG V3PRO vertical drone is equipped with a lutan DLE60EFI engine. The drone has a take-off weight of 40kg and a payload of 5kg. After 12 hours of continuous flight testing, there is still 3L of fuel remaining. Combined fuel consumption reaches an astonishing 1L per hour.


Length                                                                                   2020mm
Height                                                                                    696mm
Wingspan                                                                             3744mm
Fuel tank                                                                               10L
Max load                                                                            15kg(payload&fuel)
Take-off weight                                                                  40kg
Flight time                                                                            15h@5kg

Volitation is founded in 2015 which is focus on UAV design, composite material parts production and R&D service. The members of Volitation are mainly from Beihang University. Volitation has 53 authorized patents.Volitation has all kinds of high property UAVs including helicopters, multi-rotor aircrafts, fixes-wing aircrafts, VTOL aircrafts and etc.