The LUTAN ENGINEERING EFI team focuses on providing UAV fuel powertrain solutions, including EFI engines, Inspiration integrated kits, independent electric start kits and more.
We help users solve powertrain reliability, durability issues so that their unmanned aerial systems can reach their full potential.

LUTAN Fuel Pump

The LUTAN EFI fuel pump design is an excellent choice for small EFI systems. The rated life of the oil pump is more than 700 hours, and in the durability test, it even works for more than 2000 hours. The oil pump can also keep working normally in the environment of low temperature -20 degrees.
A sensor built into the fuel pump can regulate the pump to keep the pressure within a specified pressure range. The lutan fuel pump does not need to run continuously like in a bypass system, reducing power consumption and pump wear. This eliminates the need for any external mechanical regulators and fuel bypass systems. If the fuel pump sucks in a small amount of air, it gets compressed and dissolves into the fuel
. This type of system allows a small amount of air to be drawn in before fuel regulation is lost and the engine begins to lose power. The lutan fuel system has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, light weight and requires minimal piping.

Engine Durability Test

In the outdoor open air environment, the engine continues to run for 10 hours a day. After 20 consecutive days, a total of 200 consecutive hours of durability tests, the engine system still works well.